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Maybe Men Do Have It Made

Dear Dating Doctor:

Over the years, as you have given out advice as a columnist, author and publicspeaker, have you ever come to a determination of whether men or women have it easier when it comes torelationships or life in general. I know this is a bizarre question but I was inquisitive.

Curiosity Caught This Cat

Dear Curious:

What a purrrfectly interesting question. Over the past few years, I have receivedthousands of letters from readers, web brousers and seminar participants. Approximately 70% of thoseletters have come from women who have experienced problems with the men in their lives or the problem ofhaving no men in their lives. Either way, women have openly expressed that they believe it is a man'sworld and market when it comes to dating and living. Why do they believe this to be so?

A loyal reader and seminar participant, Jennifer Flinchpaugh, put it quite succinctly during one of mymost recent local appearances. According to her, men have it made because (Dating Doctor's comments inparenthesis):

  1. They have no menstrual cycle to deal with. (Thank goodness! Can you imagine if men and women experienced simultaneous menstruation? Quick, hide the security codes!).
  2. It is easier for them to lose weight. (Not this body).
  3. It is less expensive to raise boys than girls. (Okay. I'll give you that one).
  4. They don't have to wear makeup or hair spray. (Usually true, but some men . . .).
  5. Women earn .72c for every $1.00 a man earns for the same job. (Can't fight facts.).
  6. They don't have to wear bras, slips, high heels or panty hose (Ditto # 4).
  7. Men keep their names all of their lives, so they don't have IRS or U.S. Government name-changing headaches. (Some renaissance men are changing theirs or hyphenating).
  8. They don't have to live through nine months of pregnancy. (True, we don't carry the child. But a woman's hormonal swings make life interesting for us as well.).
  9. They don't have to give birth. (There would be no children on earth if we did).
  10. They don't have to shave. They can grow a beard, a mustache or just sport a five o'clock shadow. (Not always. And ladies, imagine for a moment having to shave your face everyday. Yes, it is that painful.).
  11. Men seldom fight lines to use the restroom. (That's because we don't all go together).
  12. Men's clothes are cheaper. (Depends on where you shop).
  13. Men's haircuts are cheaper. (Unless men frequent a salon, which is a great way to meet women).
  14. As they age, men grow more distinguished and mature while women get labeled as old maids. (Yes we do, don't we!).

Gentlemen, if any of you out there think that it is just the opposite, a woman's world or market, I'd surelike to hear from you. Thanks Jennifer for enlightening us men on why we have it made. We will nevercomplain again (not!).

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