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  To order, just choose the design you like from the options below, then choose what item(s) you want that design printed on (t-shirt, sweatshirt, mug, mousepad, etc.) Fill out the order forms COMPLETELY, submit them, and that's it! takes care of everything! handles all the ordering, shipping, etc. for all these transactions, so go check out their Frequently Asked Questions. Kissing Gear is all high-quality stuff too... go learn more in Gear Details.

  Delivery should take about 2 weeks or so, longer for international orders.

Choose Your Design!
Click on the images below to order or to see how that design looks on the Kissing Gear

Lip Print

  SMAK! Simple and to the point, this shirt just displays a 'kiss mark' proudly! Make a statement, without saying a word...

I need a Kiss

  Simply stated. Who doesn't need a kiss? really.

I need a Kiss (lip print)

  Another variation of the kiss request.

Hugs and Kisses

  For when you need more than JUST a kiss. HA! This one is great for mugs. The tote bag is cool too.. as if you are carrying around a bag full of hugs and kisses!

Kiss Me!

  This one is cute on a sweatshirt when you're cuddling with your honey.

Devil Kiss

  Every good kiss has a little angel AND a little devil in it... so represent the eternal struggle proudly! Be everyone's favorite little kissing devil with this wicked design.

  The mousepad & mugs are cool for this design as well... perfect for YOUR favorite devil.

Angel Kiss

  Let everyone know you kiss like an angel with this divine design. This kiss gives you wings!

  Be sure to check out the cool mousepad & mugs for this one...

Are YOU a Good Kisser? (Front Only)

Are YOU a Good Kisser? (Front & Back)

  The phrase that launched a kiss sticker craze can now be yours... in t-shirt form! The Front Only version has one big image on the front, while the Front & Back version has a smaller image on the front 'pocket' and a larger image on the back.

  Heck, while you're at it, you might as well send off for some FREE Stickers! Logo #1 (Front & Back)

  Our KissingGear selection wouldn't be complete without a little shameless self-promotion... so get your official Logo Wear today!

  This design features our signature lips nice and big on the front, with '' spelled out across the back... very classy, if we do say so ourselves!

Valentine's Cupid #1

  This pesky rascal is responsible for shooting love's arrows into the unsuspecting. Tell everyone YOU'VE been struck with this michievious Cupid design.

Valentine's "I'm with (C)upid"

  A variation on the classic "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt, Cupid has made his changes to better suit the season. It's all about love, baby!

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