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The Eyes

  This aspect of kissing focuses on the age-old debate: What do I look at? Eyes open or closed? Do I look like a fish? I want to see if they are enjoying themselves... are they enjoying themselves? And on and on.

  Sadly, we can't really give you a definitive answer on this one. We do find it best to keep your eyes open at least while 'going in' for the kiss, to avoid unpleasant collisions or total misses. Though you can often play these off with lines like "No baby, I really meant to kiss your eyebrow" it's generally best to at least try to hit the lips. Once engaged, however, general decorum usually calls for closed eyes, at least for starters. You may find that eyes closed really helps you concentrate on other things, like the kiss itself (see Mindset).

designer eyewear @ sunglasses2000.com  Eyes open is also a very viable option, however, and should not be dismissed out of hand. Open eyes may just be a way to sneak a peek at your kissing partner, whether to gauge their reaction, reassure yourself that yes, they really ARE that good looking, or any other reconnaissance. Eyes full open can also be intense, in sort of a spiritual connection, windows-to-the-soul sorta way. Like every other aspect of kissing, you'll have to find your own style... but for starters, eyes closed generally helps with precision and concentration, two of the most important aspects for new kissers.

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