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Head Movement

  Head movement is definitely one of the more subtle aspects of successful kissing, but it can really add a great deal to the experience. Coordinating all the different moving parts of a kiss can seem pretty overwhelming, and it may help to you only think about one at a time. However, a really good kisser manages to get everything moving at the same time (lips, tongue, head, teeth) without any seeming effort. Each of these aspects should complement each other, allowing the kiss to be playful or passionate, coy or demanding, silly or serious at a moment's notice.

  Of course, like everything else, moderation is generally the key to success. Frantic head bobbing will only frighten and confuse your partner, which can lead to an unsuccessful kissing experience. Likewise, anyone who's ever seen an After-School Special can recognize the "I'm a really sensual guy who's really into this kiss so let's have sex now" overdone head movement... usually directly followed by a clumsy breast-grope. This just looks silly, and it breaks one of our cardinal rules of kissing: Kiss for the moment, not for what may come next.

  The best idea is generally keep movements constrained, especially at the beginning of a kiss (or the beginning of your kissing career)... a little can go a long way. Remember, everything should work together like a symphony, with you as the conductor. Coordination is the key.

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