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Kissing School: Kissing 101

The Lips

  Talking about simple... where else to start than... The Lips! The most basic element of any kiss, in fact vital and inseparable from the act itself. There is no kissing without lips (ask your local chickens), so don't neglect them! On a physical level, take care of your lips. Chapped lips (while a great Custom E-kiss) are no fun at all to kiss. The same goes for rough, scabbed, or otherwise poor condition lips. Most of these conditions can be avoided through the use of a simple lip balm... find one that suits your preferences. Depending on what you like, you can get different flavors, varying degrees of healing and therapy, SPF (sunscreen) protection... the choices are endless.

  Use your chosen balm regularly, not just when you are expecting some kissing... it's just a good idea to take care of yourself. Also, try to avoid applying balm directly before kissing... slimy lips can be a turn off. Just make sure it's all absorbed before getting down to business... and your lips will be soft, supple, and oh-so-kissable.

  Once your lips are kissable, and you are in fact kissing... you still can't neglect them! The lips are the most basic and important element of kissing, and should be used to the best of their ability. Concentrate on feeling the friction between your lips, how your lips match up, and how you're moving them. This oft-overlooked element can add some real zing to your kissing. Just try to remember that the tongue is not the be-all and end-all of kissing... DON'T NEGLECT YOUR LIPS!

  Lots of great kisses are, in fact, all lips. Ever since the French pulled a Microsoft on the kissing market, tongues have gotten all the attention. Many terrible kissing experiences are a direct result of this over-reliance (and unskilled use of) the tongue. Certainly the tongue is important to kissing... after all, what beats a really good deep french kiss? But tongue use is something best eased into... and can easily be overdone. Even really good tongue kisses can benefit from some variety... usually of the lip-centered kind. Take a break from tongue lashing to nibble, caress, lick, and gently explore your partner's lips. Notice how good they feel against yours, and try different things to make them feel even better. Your lips the building blocks of great kissing... use them wisely (and often!)

Kissing Exercise: Spend part or all of a kissing session concentrating on just your lips... no tongues allowed. Slowly slide your lips together, enjoying the subtle feeling of each other's skin. Lick, nibble, kiss each other's mouths... go slow, and really enjoy the sensations. This exercise should make you more aware of your lips, and will add a new layer to your kissing experience.

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