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Saliva Control

  Kissing, as with most mouth-related pasttimes, can be a water sport. Saliva is obviously inseparable from the mouth, so you've gotta learn to deal with it. And like many other aspects of kissing, spit control treads a fine line between ecstasy and awfulness. The one issue that comes up repeatedly on accounts of bad kisses is saliva control... or lack thereof. So get ahold of your spit!

  A good kiss should definitely be a little moist... nothing grows in the desert! An of course, if you're using your tongue at all, the kiss WILL be somewhat wet. This is fine. The trouble lies when "a little" turns into "a torrent." Very few people like to be doused with drool... especially early on in the kissing experience. So start fairly dry, getting a bit wetter as the kiss progresses. If you feel like there's entirely too much drool happening, just swallow some of it. Yes, you will swallow some of your partner's saliva. Sorry, but that's all part of kissing. A good trick is to work swallowing in with breathing... periodically take a 'breathe break,' and use the opportunity to do away with any excess spit. If you're really smooth, you can do it without even breaking stride... it just takes a little practice.

  Runaway drool is one thing, but licking all over someone's face is entirely another. We know VERY FEW people who like to be face licked... and this rude imposition also rates very highly in our 'Worst Kiss Stories' elements of a bad kiss. Unless you KNOW your partner likes a face-bath, restrain your tongue to the mouth/lips region. Licking during kissing, when done well, will cement your place among the "WOW!" kissers of all time... done poorly, it'll get you thrown on the kissing trash-heap lickety-split (or lickety-SPIT, as the case may be).

  So... be aware of your saliva. It is your friend. If things get too wet, dry them out a bit. Too dry, and you'll have to moisten them up. It's a fine line indeed... but one that comes with practice. As in all things, moderation is the key.

Extra Reading: Our good friend The Kissing Fool has written a pretty good article on saliva control in Kissing Chronicles. Go read it for more help with this tricky bit of kissing skill.

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