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Kiss Tempo

  The tempo, or 'speed' of a kiss can greatly affect the overall character of the kiss. From intense need to slow enjoyment, it's all dictated by tempo. Generally speaking, the slower a kiss, the more romantic it is, while faster kisses tend to be more passionate. Changing tempo is vital aspect of good kissing... changing tempo smoothly and appropriately is a sign of a GOOD KISSER.

  When starting a kiss, the rule of thumb is to start slow. This just makes sense, and it lets everyone get used to the dynamics of that particular kiss. A slow start is a good introduction... and sometimes the kiss should just stay slow. Jumping into rapid tongue maneuvers can scare your partner, and is rude to boot. Athletes always warm up before moving onto serious play... why should kissing be any different?

  As the kiss gains intensity, though, the tempo should generally increase. This increase should be fairly gradual, and correspond to your partner's feedback. If they are obviously enjoying it, and seem to want to accelerate the whole experience, then up the tempo! Kiss a bit harder and faster, use your tongue a little more assertively... all the time gauging your partner's response. If they respond in kind, then you're on the right track.

  A very important thing to learn about kissing tempo is that variety is the spice of life. Kisses that stay the same speed throughout get boring (if you can believe a boring kiss!)... so keep things interesting. If you've got a fast a furious kiss going on, don't be afraid to slow it down a bit. Gently lick or nibble your partner's lips, kiss the corners of their mouth, or just gently brush your lips together. Once things are slow, speed them back up! The contrast is the important thing... tender kisses seem even more tender if they immediately follow a good tonsil lashing, and vice versa. Be careful not to go overboard with speed changes, but don't be afraid of them either. Variety IS the spice of life... and the spice of kissing as well.

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