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Kissing School: Kissing 101

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The Tongue and How to Use It

  Ah, the tongue... that warm, wet bit of muscle that can make or break a great kiss. Sure, all the elements of a kiss are important... but nothing quite moves a kiss to the next level like proper use of the tongue. Hopefully, this section will serve as an introduction to tongue-kissing (aka. French Kissing, Soul Kissing, Deep Kissing, Tonsil Hockey, etc.). Right now, we're not too worried about advanced techniques, but rather just getting the whole tongue-experience kicked (or is that licked?) off in the right direction.

Getting Started

  Getting a good start is vital to a successful French kiss. This may sound redundant by this point, but of course the key is to START SLOW. Tongue kissing definitely should be eased into, especially if you and your partner haven't done too much of it. It's almost always a good idea to start off, at least at the very beginning, with some closed-mouth or even some open-mouthed, tongueless kisses. This is a great time to really get your lips warmed up (see the kissing school section on lips for some good tips.) Kissing is all about sensuality, so there's no need to rush into advanced spit-swapping right off the bat. Take your time, get comfortable, and relax a bit before moving on.

  Once you're ready to start using your tongue, it's best to signal your partner by opening your mouth a little bit and maybe darting your tongue out just a bit. Give their lips a tiny lick with your tongue, just a bit, so that they know what's going on. If they're ready to reciprocate, then generally they'll open their lips a bit as well, and maybe lick you back a little bit. This is a GOOD SIGN, and basically shows you it's ok to proceed. If you like, you can hang out in this 'light tongue action' zone for a bit... it can be VERY fun and VERY exciting, teasing each other's lips with your tongues, sharing each other's breathe, and basically letting the 'kissing energy' mount a bit.

  When you want to move into a little deeper kissing, basically just do more of the same sort of thing... just deeper. Use a little more of your tongue, and let the kisses last a little longer. The object here is NOT to see how much of your tongue you can fit into your partner's mouth! Trust us, we get TONS of Worst Kiss Stories about people ramming tongues down throats, licking all over faces, etc. YOUR TONGUE IS NOT A JACKHAMMER, AND SHOULD NOT BE USED AS SUCH! The key is to BE GENTLE and SENSUAL, especially at the beginning.

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