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Welcome to Kissing School... where kissing's cool! This is where we prove that school doesn't HAVE to be boring... especially when there's so much to learn about kissing. So check out the Class Schedule for some great kissing classes.

Class Schedule
1Kissing 101
  A great place to get the basics of kissing... from lips to eyes to breath, we try to cover it all.
2Kissing Definitions
  Wondering what the heck a kissing bug is? What IS a soul kiss, anyway? Find the definitions to these and many more kissable words and phrases.
3Kissing Do's and Don'ts
  Here we break it down nice and simple. These basic guidelines should help any kisser get a little better.

Unlike most teachers, we're pretty sure we DON'T know everything... so we need all the help we can get! So all you 'Student Teachers' out there, please send us your Kissing Lessons, Kissing Do's and Don'ts, and Kissing Exercises. With your help, we can continue to build our Kissing School's curriculum. Who knows... one day there may be a Kissing College!

In the mood for a little recess from all this book learnin'? Head on over to Kissing Games to relax a bit. You'll find all kinds of good kissing-related games, and even a chance to submit your own kissing game.

Don't forget that extra reading that was assigned for homework! You can check out the book from The Kissing Chronicles, a veritable fount of wisdom on kissing and related subjects.

Finally, a trip to the school nurse might be in order. Well, we don't actually have a school nurse, but the Dating Doctor is always on call. He'll have your dating life fixed up in a jiffy... and he gives the good kids lollipops!

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