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Kissing School: Kissing 101


  Kissing 101 is intended to give a brief rundown of the various issues involved with kissing, coupled with what is (hopefully!) some good advice. This is not the be-all and end-all of kissing manuals... this is just an introduction. Remember, there are no RULES to kissing. Keep what you like, ignore what you don't. But also remember that kissing isn't just about YOU... it's about YOU TWO.

  As you read through these 'lessons,' please keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules regarding kissing. Kissing is about as personal a pastime as there is, and hence each person will have their own style, philosophies, and 'moves.' At the same time, kissing is an EXERCISE IN COMPROMISE. Any kisser who is unwilling to adjust to their partner is... well... not a very good kisser. Good kissing is all about finding middle ground (and the negotiations can be a heck of a lot of fun!) No one is a good kisser by themselves... kissing requires cooperation and teamwork from BOTH PEOPLE. As soon as you forget that, you risk falling to the DARK SIDE OF KISSING.

  Setting and situation also have a great deal to do with successful kissing, and adjustments must be made in regards to these important elements. Only YOU can judge the various external and internal factors which affect what kind of kissing you are doing. Ignore them at your own risk... for a good kisser takes EVERYTHING into consideration.

  The best thing to remember when starting to kiss is to keep things simple. There is really no need to get carried away with strange and exotic techniques, nibbling, biting, groping, etc. etc. etc., especially when you're just starting out. A kiss is generally great no matter how basic, and everything else just adds things that can go wrong. Of course, everything else definitely has its place (and how!)... but it's really best to START SIMPLE.

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