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Kissing School: Kissing 101

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The Tongue and How to Use It:

Advanced Studies

  If you've read any of the other Kissing 101 lessons, you know that we preach VARIETY in this school! French kissing is no different. Once you've done a bit of tongue wrangling, back off a bit to concentrate on light lips kisses, or nibble gently on your partner's lips or neck. Interspersing varied, different bits of kissing skill throughout your session will ensure that it doesn't get boring... as well as letting you catch your breath, swallow some saliva, etc. Deep kisses will be all the more intense if coupled with light kisses, and vice versa. Contrasts are very noticable... as will be your kisses if you follow our advice!

  Some advanced tongue kissing moves might include caressing your partner's teeth... which can get pretty crazy when you're licking their molars, or running your tongue between their teeth and the inside of their lips. The longer the French kissing goes, generally the deeper the kisses get. This can be very passionate, but don't forget that people have to breathe now and then. Deep kisses are great when mixed in with not-so-deep kisses (VARIETY!). Once you and your partner are comfortable with each other, really take the time to explore each other's mouths. Kiss ssssslllloooowwww and fast, soft and hard, whatever. Pay attention to what you like, and what your partner likes. Remember that the tongue is not necessarily the be-all and end-all in kissing... it's just another tool to use toward great kisses. Use it wisely!

Kissing exercise: Set aside some kissing time to kiss each other just as you would like to be kissed. Only one partner at a time may use their tongue. The 'giver' (using tongue) then kisses them however they like, while the 'receiver' (no tongue) just has to go along and pay attention. This is espcially helpful if you are having trouble meshing styles... by only allowing one person to do their thing at a time, it lets the other partner really concentrate on what they are doing, without being all caught up in what THEY are doing. Once you've done this for awhile, switch roles and let the other person have control. Remember that great kissing is an exercise in cooperation and compromise... so pay attention and use what you learn!

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